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Topics you can cover with your Migration Coach


Lots of problems can arise from misunderstanding if you can’t understand the culture of Swiss people. On top of that, you’ll also need to understand our culture if you want to get married here, especially to a Swiss man/woman.

For that reason, we’ll provide you with information about our culture, which we believe is very important if you’re interested to live permanently in this country.


Yes, finding a job here isn’t as hard as in the other European countries. However, if you don’t know where to look, or have no idea how to approach a Swiss company, this could be a time-consuming task.

With our help, you’d be able to find your dream jobs fast, and avoid the stress of getting rejected over and over again. Plus, we’ll also cover some other information that would be useful if you plan to retire in Switzerland.

The Job Market.
Finding a Job.
Work Permits.
Social Security.
Unemployment Insurance.
Old-age Insurance.
Accident Insurance.

Visas & Permits

In this module, you’ll learn the most important things to understand if you want to move permanently to Switzerland. Yes – we’ll walk you through various types of permits, and what to do to get the right permits that you need to work and stay here permanently.

Housing & Rentals

Even if you’ve already found a place to stay, chances are, you want to find a better or more affordable place. This is what you’re going to learn in this module. Everything from Temporary housing to hiring estate agents to do the job for you could be learned here.

How to Rent an Apartment

Getting Started.
Estate Agents.
The Rental Market in Switzerland.
Short-term Housing in Switzerland.
Rental Contracts.
Households & Utilities.


Interested in buying a property in Switzerland? We have a comprehensive step-by-step guide that shows you how to do that. This module covers everything from researching to find the best property, to applying for a loan and mortgage to buy the property.

Buying Property.
Loans and Mortgages.
Running Costs.


In this module, we explain all the important things you need to know about various health services and health insurance. If you’re a foreign national, chances are you’re living here on your own, so learning about this topic is a no-brainer.


This is another important piece of information you need to understand to be better prepared when you’ve finally moved permanently to Switzerland. We’ll introduce you to the banking system in this country, how to open an account, and various services available to you.


It’s no secret that language is an important factor considered by Swiss companies when they’re hiring employees. So if you want to get a job quickly, learning the four national languages is the best first step.

Don’t worry – in this module, we’ll show you some tips and strategies to help you learn the languages faster.

Telephone & Internet

In this module, we cover the Swiss telecommunication system, including public phones, choosing the right mobile phone operator, how to get an internet connection at your home, and more!

Also, we’ll show you how to make an international call to your family without spending a lot of money. First of all we provide an introduction to the Swiss telecommunication market, then we cover the following:

Public Phones.
Getting a Phone Line.
Mobile Phones.
Which Deal.
Important Numbers.
Making a Call.
Internet Cafés.
Internet Access.
Calling Cards.
Choosing Calling Cards.


Most of the information available in this module probably won’t make you feel interested to learn. However, if you plan to stay here you might want to know the Swiss education system, so you can make the right decision when choosing schools for your child.


Interested to start a business in Switzerland? If so, this module is created for you. Here you’ll learn all the important things you need to know about opening a business, including the requirements to start a business, taxes, and more!

Switzerland Business Structures.
Switzerland Business Registration.
Tax Residency in Switzerland.
Registration Requirements.
Switzerland Business Licensing.
Switzerland Income Tax Rates and Bands.
Taxation in Switzerland.

Travel & Leisure

Now, this is another useful piece of information that you might want to know before you move permanently here. We’ll explain various public transportation systems, and what to do if you want to import your car.


Last but not least, you’re going to learn some important that will save you tons of hours and avoid getting frustrated when you move your things to Switzerland. This could be done all by yourself, or with a professional removal company. Regardless of what you choose, we’ll show you the step-by-step to do that.

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