How to get the Swiss citizenship?

If you’ve been working or living in Switzerland for a long time, you must have thought about getting swiss citizenship at least once. If you have, know that you’re not alone.

Many expats who’ve been in the country for long think about acquiring Swiss citizenship, considering the many benefits such as

  • Traveling out of the country without losing residency rights.
  • Right to vote in Swiss elections.
  • Acquiring a Swiss passport that gives you visa-free access to over 150 countries and many more.

But since the requirements needed to acquire this citizenship are stricter than other countries, only 2% of the current expat population gets citizenship.

However, if you are thinking about getting one, there are a few things you should know.

The requirements for Swiss citizenship depend on your previous nationality and personal circumstances. Anyone living here at least ten years is qualified to get citizenship through one of the four methodsby birth, by adoption, by marriage, and by naturalization.

Any child born in the country to one of the two parents being a swiss citizen is eligible for citizenship; if not, they need to prove close ties with the country to be considered. The same goes for adoption by a swiss couple, which gives automatic citizenship to the child. When it comes to marriage, apart from marrying a swiss citizen, the individual also needs to have been living in Switzerland for at least five years.

Finally, for citizenship through naturalization, anyone, after ten continuous years as a resident can apply for citizenship. But there are some other requirements in this case as well –

– knowledge of a Swiss national language.
– familiarity with Swiss customs.
– compliance with the Swiss rule of law.
– posing no danger to Switzerland’s internal or external security.
– no period spent on social welfare benefits within the past three years.

If you fulfill these, you can submit your application with your local canton authority. The costs for acquiring citizenship can go from 100 to 2000 CHF per person depending on your canton and other factors.

There are some exceptions where an expat can acquire residency, such as being a refugee in Switzerland, distant-relative of swiss members, etc. You can inquire with your local authorities to learn about the same!

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