How to find an Apartment in Switzerland

When moving to a new country – the smart thing to do is renting a home rather than buying it straight away.
This gives you the chance to experience the environment before making any huge investments.

And this goes for living in Switzerland as well.

Not only does Switzerland restrict some non-nationals to buy property in the country. Even when you are allowed to, most homes are quite expensive; and only provide enough value in the form of tax benefits if you plan to stay at the same place for longer than five years.

This makes renting a far better option as it allows you to manage your budget while also giving you the freedom to move whenever you want to.

So, how do you find a rental apartment in Switzerland?

Finding a rental home in this country is not that hard considering renting is a much more common option than buying, especially in popular cities like Zurich, Basel, Geneva, etc.

But the question is to find the right place – as per your budget and requirements.

You can find all rental homes ranging from studio apartments to modern flats to big family bungalows to farmhouses and much more. However, you need to look carefully as the prices are on the rise and the competition between willing renters is fierce, so it is crucial to maximizing your chances of getting the apartment you want.

Once you decide what type of property you are looking for, how long you want it, and whether you want it to be furnished or unfurnished. The most common way to start looking for an apartment is to check as many listing and property information mediums as possible, online portals, newspaper advertisements, communicating with different estate agents, looking for sublet ads on social media, and many more.

You should also spread the word about you looking for a property in Switzerland amongst everyone you know.

You can find a ton of estate agents through the SVIT Member directory by looking for people around the areas where you eventually want to live. You will not find advertisements for rental properties, so you will personally have to submit applications to get a reply back from these agencies. Also, remember that here, they mostly rent on a first-come, first-serve basis, so you would want to start looking early and try to get inside information about decent new places to rent so that you can be the first one to apply.

The applications include some of your basic information such as age, marital status, number of children, profession, employer, letter of reference, salary, visa status, etc., along with documentation to verify everything. And when you eventually find a property and get chosen, make sure you sign a tenancy agreement that outlines all the important information such as the rent, tenancy start and end date; and any specific house rules that the landlord might need you to follow.

Make sure there is no ambiguity to the tenancy terms to avoid any problems later on.

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