How to find a Job in Switzerland

Did you know that the Swiss economy‘s unemployment rate came out to be one of the lowest in the world, at just 2,4% in 2022?

The availability of a plethora of job opportunities, even for high-skilled professionals, is one of the main reasons why the Swiss economy is seen as the most stable one and why many foreigners every year choose Switzerland as the best place to find work!

The country’s strict labor laws also ensure that the salaries are good, the working conditions favor the employees, and everyone has a high standard of living.

But this has also made the jobs market very fierce. The competition is high for every vacancy, especially for the people coming from outside the country, as the government has put quotas for foreigners’ positions in the country. Still, when almost half of the high skilled jobs are held by foreigners, it is safe to say that you can come and find work in Switzerland.

The country is seen as one of the most important industrial nations in engineering, chemicals, and financial sectors. So, the opportunities for professionals in electrical and mechanical engineering, IT, pharmaceuticals, consulting, banking, insurance, financial analytics, business analytics, and legal are very high in number.

There are many different ways in which you can start searching for a job in Switzerland. If you look up major listings, you can easily find the available vacancies that foreigners can fill. Especially if you are from the EU or EEA, you can look up jobs through EURES, the European Job Mobility Portal.

There are also other sources such as visiting the Regional Employment Centers or information and help. You could look up local websites that list jobs across Switzerland, such as Jobscout24, Job-Up, Monster, etc. Some international organizations can help you get placed.

Some jobs are listed specifically for English speakers from outside the country as well. You can find such listings on Glassdoor, Jobs in Geneva, Jobs in Zurich, The Local, etc.

Finally, many private employment agencies can help you search for the right opportunities or just look them up in some of the newspapers that carry classified sections dedicated to jobs.

Find the right vacancies, fill up the applications, attach your Swiss-style CV and the cover letter, and in some cases, the personal statement so that you can get in touch with the employers and earn interviews. You can categorize jobs based on salaries, language requirements, designations, and many other factors.

Once you are accepted for a job, you might have to spend some time on a short probation period before your employment is made permanent!

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