Best cities for expats in Switzerland

If you have been thinking about moving to Switzerland for study, work, or just settling down – then it is crucial for you to know where would be the best place for you to live and work.

The reason is that despite being quite compact in size, Switzerland shows a lot of diversity across cities whether it is the climate, culture, landscape, cuisine or the people. So, you need to know the city that will be just the right choice for you to live in!

Geneva tops the list as one of the favorite cities for expats in the whole of Switzerland. The reason is that this massive city is a blend of a number of cultures, making it suitable for anyone and everyone. Apart from this, Geneva also houses some of the world’s highest-profile organizations such as the United Nations, Red Cross, World Health Organization, and more which makes it an attractive place for diplomats, government officials, and professionals looking for steady careers.

Then we have Zurich, the economic powerhouse of the country, and housing the largest expat community in the country. Most foreigners choose this place as their home owing to the great bars and restaurants, excellent transit links to cities across Europe, and the picture-perfect Swiss lake.

Another city is Winterthur, the sixth-largest city in the country and houses a very large expat population. This is not only because people tend to feel more welcome due to the already existing expat population, but also because this city is small enough to keep you away from the chaos of the big city life but also large enough to house many attractions including museums, art galleries, etc which keeps life interesting.

Then we have Bern, the capital of Switzerland, housing a UNESCO World Heritage-listed city center that offers some of Switzerland’s best shopping opportunities but still retains a small town feel which makes the perfect setup for a cozy life for expats looking to settle down with family. 

In the list of culturally rich small towns, there are many others such as Lugano and Zug that will make for the perfect home.

All in all, there are many cities to choose from but make sure you explore your options before finalizing the one you want to call home!

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