About Check4You

Check4You is the world’s first membership site dedicated to helping foreigners to study, work, and become Swiss citizens. It’s a place where you can learn useful information, step-by-step guides, and get all the tools you need to make your process to move and live permanently in Switzerland to become practically stress-free.

What We Do?

We simplify your process of learning how to live in Switzerland and provide you with all the tools and resources you need to deal with the daily challenge of living in this country.

Whether you’re a foreign student who’ve had decided to stay and work here, or you plan to study here and grow your career in Switzerland, joining our membership site is your next step.

Best of all, we know our stuff works because before long before we decided to open a membership site, we’ve been helping so many people to successfully get a job and stay permanently in Switzerland.

Why We Do It?

We know how stressful it could be for foreigners to live in a new country that has completely different rules, laws, and cultures. We decided to create this membership website to help them understand how things work in this country and how to survive.

Besides, we know that Swiss companies are in desperate need of highly-skilled workers across a range of sectors. With this website, we hope that we can contribute to bringing in more brilliant talents to this country.

Our Commitments

Being accountable to all of our clients is one of our important values. Our goal is to deliver 100 times the value of what you’ve invested in us. That means providing high-quality materials, exceptional service, and ensure we continue to keep developing our resources and tools as we grow and learn.

Meet Our Team That Makes It Possible

When you become a member, you’ll gain access to our support team who’s ready to give you all the support you need in every possible way.

Besnik Dakaj

Chief Executive Officer

check4you.ch was founded by Besnik Dakaj, a Swiss citizen born to migrant parents from Kosovo. The business was founded to help foreigners ease through the stressful process of living in a new country with completely different rules, laws, and cultures.

Simon Alberto Abreu Silva

Migration Coach

He moved to Switzerland to study and after graduating from the University of Bern he decided to stay and to begin a career path in this land of opportunities. He has been working for check4you.ch for several years now and he must admit that he loves his job. His duty is to guide you step by step in your journey.

Arlinda Xhemali

Migration Coach ​

Born in Kosovo and grown up in Italy. She first moved to Germany to finish her studies. She  started working in Switzerland as an intern for check4you.ch and then became a migration coach. Arlinda surely knows what it means to be new in a foreign country.  Her main goal is to make you feel at home.

Anderson Tortorelo

Migration Coach

Born in Brazil and grown up in Switzerland. Anderson remembers how hard it was as a kind to always be there translating for his parents because they didn’t speak the local language. His mission is to help you avoid the stress and uncertainty his family went through.


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