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Settling down to a new country has never been easy. Especially if you’re planning to move to Switzerland, where the language barrier and the bureaucracy that makes moving to this country become stressful and difficult.

It’s hard, but with proper preparation, it can be so much easier.

And that’s exactly what we can do for you.

An Immigration Consulting Agency That Helps Make Your Immigration Process To Switzerland Fast And Stress-Free

  • A team of Swiss immigration experts in your corner, ready to help you and provide everything you need to speed up your immigration process.
  • All-in-one solution that saves yourself from all the headaches of dealing with paperwork and complicated bureaucracy.
  • And the peace of mind knowing you’re doing the right things to make Switzerland your new home in the fastest time possible.

Switzerland Is An Amazing Country With Astonishing Opportunities

You probably already know about this…

Our beautiful country is not only one of the best places to achieve a higher life quality by earning good salaries and jobs… but it’s also the best place to live thanks to its beautiful scenery.

On top of that, if you love history and exotic architecture, you’d love to live in our country. From Chillon Castle that sits on its rocky outcrop looking out on to Lac Léman to St. Pierre Cathedral that’s located in Geneva… our country has so many great places to offer to you.

On top of that, if you love history and exotic architecture, you’d love to live in our country. From Chillon Castle that sits on its rocky outcrop looking out on to Lac Léman to St. Pierre Cathedral that’s located in Geneva… our country has so many great places to offer to you.

If you’ve already spent a few weeks or months in Switzerland, you’ve probably seen the reason why our country is recognized as a country of peace, stability, and prosperity.

In fact, this could be the main reason why you decide to settle here.

You Might Have Done The Natural Thing Everyone Else Is Doing…

You read some information about relocating yourself to Switzerland……You tried to apply for a residence permit on your own……You started working on all the paperwork required to move here…

…Perhaps, you even went one step further by looking for an open job position in Switzerland, with hope, you can start living here with peace of mind knowing you don’t need to worry about our country’s notoriously high cost of living. It makes you feel so busy…

But Then You Stopped

There are so many complicated things you don’t understand. And if you’re from an English-speaking country, the language barrier makes it even more complicated for you. You are not alone. This happened to many of our clients before they found us.

That was before we let them make their migration process faster and easier. With our help, you too can make Switzerland as your new home faster than what you can do on your own.

When you choose to work with us, you’re assured that you don’t need to go on a lengthy, complicated process on your own. Our team of Swiss immigration experts will take all the stress out of the process of moving to our country.

And as an immigration consulting agency, it is our job, our role, and our goal to help you avoid the complex immigration process, and give you total peace of mind.

Because we’re confident with our services and our expertise, we can guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied with the result we provide to you.

For that reason, you’ll soon discover why we are so certain there’s no other immigration consulting agency in Switzerland that can help you better than what we can do.

Here’s How We Can Help You

To help you settle down in our country faster and easier, here are the following services we provide to you:

Corresponding With Public Offices
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Finding A Place To Live
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Find A Job Quickly
Filling Out Tax Reports
Help Applying For Swiss Residence Permit
Family Reunification In Switzerland
Consultation On Immigration

…And You Can Get All These Services At An Absolute Bargain

Why we do this?

Easy. Firstly, the reason we started to offer our services in a membership site style is because we truly wanted to help you, not to make ourselves rich. We have other sources of income aside from this, so we can afford to offer our services at a low price.

Secondly, we understand that the cost of living in our country is way higher than in most countries. So we don’t want to charge you too much money, because we know you’re going to need a lot of money for other needs like accommodation, transportation, etc. That’s the reason why we offer our services at an affordable price.

Now, the big question:

How Much Does It Cost and What You Get?

Your low investment for our one-of-a-kind membership site is just CHF 29 per month. That’s less than a cup of coffee a day! Consider the fact that a measly CHF 29 is peanuts – less than a fraction of the average cost of all the services we offer to you.

This bargain is beyond fair. But here’s something more important.

  • You get at least 10 times your money back in terms of valueMore than just a membership
  • Complete peace of mind knowing you can move permanently to Switzerland with ease

And There’s No Hidden Cost

We Guarantee:

You’ll pay for your membership at the same price even if you contact our team and asking for our assistance several times.

You can also rest assured knowing we’ll make everything as transparent as possible. What’s more, if you’re not happy with the services we provide, just let us know. When you work with us, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

So why wait? If you’re serious about moving to Switzerland, and you want to make your immigration process become a stress-free experience, fill the form below to get started today:

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